3 Activities You Can Do In Sandy Utah

Sandy is a city in Utah that you might want to stay at would prefer not being directly in Salt Lake City. People from large cities like New York or Los Angeles are often looking for something a little smaller. Some of the hotels that are there include Extended Stay America, Marriott hotels, and also the Hyatt. These are all locations that you will be very comfortable that as you plan are going to do each and every day. Here are three activities that you should consider doing if you are headed over to Sandy Utah this year.

Local Events You Should Consider

Some of the local events that you may be able to take part in will include the balloon festival which happens every year. There might be a concert going on at the Sandy Amber theater, and you can always see excellent artwork at Sandy Arts Guild. For those that want to run their dog, they can go to the Sandy City Dog Park so the dog can have a little exercise. If you want to get exercise, head over to Mount Olympus, Bills Canyon Trail, and end your day going to the Cinemark Century 16 for the latest movies.

Fun Places To Go

There is a location called Hidden Chambers which is a lot of fun. There is the Storm Mountain Park which has plenty of room for you, or even your family, to just sit back and relax. If you want to go to an old-style movie house, Jordan Commons Movies is a great place to be. They also have Conquered the Chamber, and you can head into the Alta Canyon Sports Center if you would prefer getting exercise within a facility that allows you to do weightlifting, hit the treadmill, or even go swimming.

Your stay in Sandy should be something that will be fun, as well as a trip you may want to repeat. All of these activities and events are available for tourists, so keep that in mind as you are planning your week. You can always head into other cities throughout Utah from Sandy such as heading south into Provo, going north into Ogden or you may want to go all the way south to see these national parks. You may even want to go to the great Salt Lake to finally see what it looks like and then continue on your adventure to see all that Utah has to offer.